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Michael Keaton may be best known for his 1989 role as Batman, but he's revealed that he turned down another huge role as the lead in "Groundhog Day.This is a list of actors who were considered for the role of James Bond, both officially (auditioned by the film producers) and unofficially (supported by fans and.

#MovieRoles That Famous Actors Turned Down #filmroles #actorsturneddown #Movies #MovieFacts.Actors who turned down ‘Die Hard. The studio had their leading man. But up until that point, Willis was only known for his television role.The actor turned down the role multiple times before Warner Bros. got the message. Hamm told GQ UK that he turned down the role because he wasn’t interested in.

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Actors who turned down career-changing roles. That led him to turn down the title role in Christopher Nolan's version of Batman.30 Roles You Wouldn’t Believe These Bollywood Actors Turned Down. SRK turned down Ajay Rathod's role in Rang De Basanti He turned it down and the role went to R.

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Most people would do anything to appear in Star Wars, but some actors and actresses don't feel the same way and actually turned down parts.

BTVA is a voice acting community site that has a database of voice actors with images and. Alec Baldwin Turned Down A GTA Role. @solidejake Haven't...Stars Who Turned Down Famous Movie Roles. Share;. as he explained on an episode of Inside the Actors Studio, he turned it down because of his schedule.There are many films and roles turned down by many actors which later accepted by other actors made the history. Can you imagine Gabbar Singh without Amjad Khan.It's not easy for actors to pick a classic movie role - you have to find the right script, cross your fingers that the director and co-stars are talented and, most of.Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine. Lost Roles The Lost Roles of. was the first choice for Chandler but he turned it down,.Read on to learn how some of Hollywood’s biggest actors turned down some of Hollywood’s. Selleck turned down a role in one of the most well-known film.

There are a lot of acting roles out there that were filled by the perfect person. But have you ever thought about how close we were to someone else taking those gigs.Biggest career mistakes of movie stars. The actors that turned down the roles would not necessarily have had the same success as the actors that did perform.

An Emmy award winning actor has since said that he feels foolish for having turned down the role, saying “I was silly. It was silly.”.

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These actors turned down roles that would later go on to be massive hits. Check out 10 actors who may regret turning down these famous roles.Ever given the opportunity of a lifetime and turned it down? Well, these actors turned down the most iconic roles,. 40 Actors Who Rejected Iconic Roles.Today’s movie and TV landscape might have looked very different if a large group of famous actors and actresses hadn’t turned down famous roles. It’s.

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Choosing to accept or reject a drama role is definitely not an easy decision for Korean actors and actresses. One role. Below are 13 actors who turned down a role.

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8 Actors Who Seriously Regret Turning Down Iconic Movie Roles. Actors turn down roles all the. the actors in question turned them down because of scheduling.

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Famous actors often refuse roles in movies for various reasons. Some of those refusals turned out to be the right thing to do, but there are cases when act.

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Here are 10 Bollywood actors who rejected mainstream roles in. maintaining his stand of staying clear of Hollywood movies, Akshay turned down the coveted.In hindsight, seeing any other actors in the iconic roles of some of our favorite films seems impossible — yet that was almost the case since the only reason they.

This mega star of an actor did turn down some amazing roles along his career, including ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Police Academy’ and ‘Speed’.